Carnival Cruise

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Have you been on a cruise yet?
Have you thought of going on one?
Aside from this pandemic what’s holding you back?

Let me tell you….. we had a blast! We went on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas & we had a great time (this trip was pre covid times).

Not going to lie I was nervous.

Not for myself but for my child & his anxiety, his anxiety of separation, change and transitions. The crew on the ship was great & made us feel at ease.

The crew at Camp Ocean took the time to talk to us, get to know the boys, they took notes & heard our concerns. They gave us a phone & charger to use so when we decided to leave the boys we could call and check in on the boys and also so they could get a hold of us if they needed to.

There was so much to do on the ship while we were out at sea & so much to eat! The dining crew always made our boys feel so comfortable & knew what they liked to drink and sometimes even knew their choice of dessert.

Special needs parents, you too can go on a cruise & have fun & an amazing time.

Did you know that if you need a special bed you could probably get it on a cruise. Yup! That’s an accommodation that can be arranged on most ships and made so you or someone in your traveling party can sleep while on your trip.

Traveling should be inclusive for all. I can show you how.

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