Pigeon Point Lighthouse

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The beach next to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse is such a cute little beach! Access to the beach is not wheelchair accessible. There are stairs that lead down to the beach and there is no ramp.

What can I say the Garcias like the beach, our kiddos love to splash in water, play in the sand and I’m all for catching some rays.

Check out my stories for more pictures of the light house.
Here is a little info on the Pigeon Point Lighthouse … It was built in 1871, in 2001 the lighthouse closed for repairs. Not sure if it’s still active even though its closed. It’s the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast, it’s located in Pescadero CA about 50 miles South from San Francisco. If you wish to spend the night you can do that, you can stay at the hostels that is run by Hosteling International. At the moment they are accepting reservations for private vacation rentals.

While we were there we saw seals in the ocean, pods of dolphins and seal lions on the rocks. The coastal view was so beautiful! Driving the historic highway on is breathtaking!

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