Hi, my name is Berny and I’m a special needs mama. I’m a Master IEP Coach® and I’m here to help support you in your journey through Special Education. You might have some questions like whats an IEP and whats a Master IEP Coach®. An IEP is a Individualized Education Plan for children with disabilities and special needs. A Master IEP Coach® is someone you can consult with to see if there is anything missing from your child’s IEP, someone who is focused on your child and their unique needs, someone who finds creative solutions and someone that is resourceful beyond your imagination.

Every child is unique and has unique needs. Every special needs family is unique. So your child’s IEP should meet your child’s unique needs. As a special needs mom I know first hand that the special education and IEP process can be challenging, confusing and overwhelming. Your child’s IEP should be designed to prepare them for further education, employment and independent living. Is your child’s IEP team working on taking your child’s education further?

I’d like to help you better understand your child’s IEP, improve communication with your IEP team, share tips and inspiration. Your child has a right to a free and appropriate education. Keep in mind that what is appropriate for another child may not be appropriate for yours and it should reflect on their IEP. I do want you to know that I am not a lawyer and I am not here to give legal advice so I won’t refer to the law that much.

I’m located in the beautiful Bay Area, the East Bay to be exact and plan on hosting Coffee Talks once a month at local coffee shops to talk about IEP’s and special education. Make sure you follow me on Facebook to know when and where I will be having Coffee Talks. https://www.facebook.com/bernyrgarcia/